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Falke-Co Services

The accounting for any organization is like a control panel/ speedometer of car. The real-time accounting and cash profit for any business are key element for success of business.

  • Accounting in software like Tally.ERP 9
  • In-house accounting as well as accounting at on site
  • Accounting for Individuals, Firms, Companies, LLPs, Charitable organizations, Trusts etc.
  • Comprehensive service till printing of books of accounts
  • Complete backup services

Accounting Services

We provide comprehensive services related to periodic compliances under following Acts and regulations:

  • Income Tax Act
  • Wealth Tax Act
  • VAT and CST Act
  • Profession Tax Act
  • Service Tax Provisions
  • LBT Act
  • The Companies Act
  • LLP Act
  • Bombay Public Trust Act
  • Indian Trust Act
  • Societies Registration Act
  • Partnership Act

Compliance Services

While serving to various client in past, our experience has shown that, client are facing various issues as many of them new venturing into new lines of business or time is creating new challenges in font, they need some one who can understand them better.

  • Business Planning
  • Business Growth & Expansion
Consultancy Services

We cater various services related to expansion of business of each client. These services are a banquet of services like Funding Arrangement,Credit Rating related activity,CSR verification activity,Business Planning,New Avenues for New Business,Training for client team.

  • Internal Audit
  • Tax Audit
  • Stock Audit
  • VAT Audit

Business Support Services

We carry out services to our client which does not fit in any of above services but client look for support and guidance in executing service’s for them or on behalf of them like Digitalization of documents, Conversion of systems from Manual to System base or one system to other system. We ensue that client remain focused on the core activity and we remain focus on our core capability.

Outsourcing Services